Born in the Grenada W.I., and raised in Brooklyn, New York, one can say I have a discerning eye and love for fashion. From watching my parents getting dressed–I can definitely say I was born with an innate sense of style. Growing up, I always stood out fashionably–I was a risk taker. After many failed attempts at degrees in different areas of studies, I have finally decided to follow my heart and I am setting my sights on a career as a fashion stylist.


With an extensive amount of years working in the retail industry, and a keen eye for detail and fresh approach to styling. I have the ability to simultaneously predict trends, and transcend them, my desire is that whomever I connect with will feel inspired. It is time for me to solidify my presence in an ever-changing industry.

Are you ready for me to style you?





4 thoughts on “About

  1. We totally adore your blog! We are Havren.co.uk, a British Fashion brand – I absolutely wanted to share the link with you and see…hopefully you’ll find something you’d like to include in future shopping collage 🙂

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